Expat coaching

Relocation from other countries to a new work-country

A new life in a new country

Relocating to a new country, job and culture can be more difficult than imagined when the preparations were made.

It’s draining on all aspects if a settling in takes too long – transferee suffers because the spouse is unhappy and it affects the working and home too much.

I help transferee and their spouse coping better with the new situation so they avoid slipping into the “Expat-blues” where the spouse feels lonely or the kids are not thriving – or the cultural gap is worse than expected.
I use classic coaching to help the client getting more out of the life as it is here and now in this situation.

If it’s stress-related I use the unique MINDstrain method and help the client out of stress in maximum 5 hours.

Symptomer på stress
Symptomer på stress

Re-location back to Denmark

The cultural time-gap is quite a surprise because they think they come back to what they know – but they come back after having spend time in a time capsule, they weren’t aware of. After having had a couple of talks with me, they find themselves being happy in Denmark and understanding what they have to do in order to settle in.

I have helped Danes transfer from Denmark to Stockholm and I’m currently coaching a German who works in a global company in Sweden.

I have helped Danes relocate from Boston, Stockholm and Florida.

About me

I have worked with many different nationalities in most of my adult life. The cultural differences always had my interest and I find that because I’m curious about them enough to ask, most people like to talk about them. That way I learn a lot and I bring that information with me to the next person, I talk with.

I’m building on my Sofia Manning Coaching Education and MINDstrain certification in order to ensure my clients get methods that actually works.

I have had many friends who worked/stayed abroad for a long time – either themselves or as spouses. One of them recommended a co-expat-spouse to talk with me to get out of the “Expat-blues” and that started this.

For Expat/Spouse sessions, I do 1:1 online sessions, 1:1 either in my office in Sorø or at the company’s if it’s located in Zealand Denmark.



5×1 sessions (1:1) DKK 6.000 ex. vat / 7.500 incl. vat.


Symptomer på stress

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Please contact me if you need further information, phone +45 2058 1442 or send me an e-mail to info@jyttescoaching.dk